Do I need an appointment?

It is best to make an appointment when you are going to shop for a wedding dress. Having an

appointment ensures that you will be given focused and pointed attention that is worthy of the

occasion. During the time that you are with us, you will feel personally considered and supported in

experiencing our bridal collection. A visit to Shareen Bridal is creative, playful, and relaxed. We enjoy 

our work and you will enjoy us! 


How do I make an appointment?

Please email to request an appointment. 

Your appointment checklist: location (NY or LA), what date, what time. Please also include the

number of people in your party, and your cell phone number. 


How long are appointments? 

Appointments are generally one hour and a half. There is just that much to try on, and play with and

discuss. As much as we had hoped that appointments would be limited to an hour, we can’t seem to 

get you guys to go!!!


What is your price range?

Our prices range between $1600 and $2,700 with a realistic average of $2,000. (The price of your

gown will include your fittings and alterations.)


When should I order my wedding dress?

Given the occasion and all the other many elements that are dependent upon what it is you are

wearing, it is best to have your dress in your possession at least 6 weeks before your wedding.

Additionally, time must be allotted for any alterations, however minor. As the bridal season approaches,

our seamstresses become very busy. We suggest for your peace of mind and in order to ensure that we

can make room for you on our production calendar, it is best for you to order 6 months before your



When should I come in for my first appointment?

It is probably wise to begin shopping for your wedding dress at least 9 months before your wedding,

giving you some time to consider your options prior to making a commitment at the 6 month mark.


Is SHAREEN Bridal custom?

Shareen Bridal gowns are not custom-made gowns, but instead gowns made-to-order (a custom-

made gown is a gown that is made specifically for you and nobody else - this is a very expensive

proposition). We have the luxury of cutting and sewing each garment by hand. However, as we will cut

and sew your dress, Shareen is willing to make gentle customizations to your garment as needed.


How can I customize my dress?

Shareen enjoys tailoring her dresses to your specific needs. She is more than willing to add or subtract

a sleeve, to add a train, to slim down or make fuller a skirt, to add or subtract lace, to make more or

less modest, to shorten, to lengthen, to adjust colors, and to play with textiles.


Will I need alterations?

As the Shareen Bridal collection is relatively unstructured, your alterations should be very minimal. Of

course, a hem is standard and will be measured out to your shoes. Occasionally, the waist may need to

be brought in or let out a bit, as well as a bodice, depending on your proportions. In short, you will need

perhaps some alterations, but they should not be major. As our production team is exclusive to Shareen

Bridal. All of your alterations will be taken care of by us. Our prices include all of your alterations.


Is my gown returnable?

Once you have placed an order for a wedding dress, it cannot be returned nor exchanged. In some

cases, if your garment has yet to be cut and sewn, it is possible that a credit can be issued to you in

the amount of your down payment. That credit can be employed for other garments in the SHAREEN

collection. (All of this said, not a single Shareen bride has ever wanted to cancel her order.)


I saw a lace gown with leather straps online. Is this still available?

The dress you saw on Pinterest was a one-of-a-kind reworked vintage dress that sold many years ago.

However, Shareen has since created countless other one-of-a-kind gowns, and a whole collection of

bridal dresses that are made employing the elements of the Pinterest Dress that truly attract a bride.

In addition to exploring the collection of gowns that celebrates the platinum leather strapping, should

you want Shareen to create your own one-of-a-kind gown, she is always happy to work with you.


I live out of state, and wondered if a dress could be mailed to me to try on. Is that possible?

Although everything is case-by-case, and in some instances there is a possibility of a bride receiving a

sample to try on by mail, generally it is not possible. Samples of bridal are expensive and are required

in store.


Do you have Mother of the Bride/Groom and Bridesmaids dresses?

The Shareen Collection is a wonderful answer for mothers and perhaps a maid of honor. As the

collection is entirely in silk, and as we offer all clients the same level of service and design that we do

for our brides, Shareen gowns in color may not be within the budget of a bridesmaid.


For any other questions that you might have please feel free to reach us at