After graduating from Smith College too many years ago to admit, I worked at Mademoiselle magazine and then Vogue magazine in the fashion departments. I then became the national scout for Elite Models and then the co-director of Elite Paris. One day, I walked away from Paris and the fashion industry and returned to NY to study acting.  I began, then, some of the happiest years of my life.  I studied great theatre, read amazing plays, took challenging acting classes and worked at great restaurants.  I lived in a tiny apartment and I loved it all. Three years later I went to LA to shoot a feature and stayed. I shot another and then a TV series for ABC and like that for 12 years. One day, I walked away from acting and I stood in a flea market with a bunch of vintage dresses behind me and I began to serve women’s fashion done with originality. I grew a notable vintage business and from it grew Shareen Bridal.

I look over my shoulder today and see that my whole life has led me to this moment of knowing how it is to serve, support, encourage and celebrate women.

I love my clients.  I value them.  I learn from them and find in them my greatest inspiration. 

There is truly nothing I won't do to please them.

My intention as a designer is to raise the love quotient in the heart of the woman standing before me. At the end of the day, every day, her happiness is my own.