LA Bride Kristina in Shareen at Palihouse

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Effortlessly chic.

Photography by Amy Gray Photography

Shareen Newsletter


Change I feared as much as yearned to know. What will I do, and where shall I go? Will love be there?

I remember the year of not knowing, punishing loss, labor hard and faceless.

Humility is naked patience.

I remember hope was a tent in a parking lot.

How they came! Each one carried with her the pieces of my redemption.

Though it was I that dressed them, it was they who covered me in the raiment of respect.

This is how I first knew that God is real.


Lana del Rey in SHAREEN

Lana del Rey 1
Lana del Rey 1
Lana del Rey 4
Lana del Rey 4
Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 4.20.10 PM (1)
Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 4.20.10 PM (1)

Our ongoing fan Lana del Rey wears SHAREEN at the ELLE Style Awards 2016 and wins Female Artist of the Year.

Shareen Bridal NY Times

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 4.10.16 PM
Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 4.10.16 PM

Honored by the New York Times today in the "Dresses Our Brides Have Worn" article. Rebecca was featured in a one-of-a-kind vintage reworked "Alexa" from SHAREEN Bridal. Originally a strapless 1950s prom dress. Thanks to all - So grateful!

Photos by AnnMarie Collins for AMC Photography. Article by Eleanor Stanford for NYT.

SHAREEN Newsletter - After Paris

After Paris

November 2015

When I clean my house I always start in exactly one corner.

Taking on the 6 rooms of the small bungalow at once is too much for me.

I do remember one day when I dusted in one room and swept in another, tidied here and straightened there, and back round again and again. For the most part, it worked, but I felt dizzy from it and scattered. If the phone had rung while I spun these cleaning plates, I certainly would have dropped the whole lot.

When things are in disarray it is best to start in one corner, and work one’s way out, bit by bit.

The world is a mess. If you feel off or down or confused, slightly insecure, flashing anxiety, it is because though your room may be tidy, what surrounds it is in forms of upset ranging from disorder to disaster. The air that touches us is filled with the echo of grief.

As you begin your day today, as you venture out into your immediate world, pick one corner and make it better.

In my church, in churches around the country, near the end of the service the pastor will ask you to ‘pass the peace’.  Though you may feel sometimes uncomfortable you will turn behind you, then turn again to reach out in front, and either take a hand, or in my case, embrace a stranger with a hug, and say,  “peace be with you” .

At the Presbyterian Church on Fifth avenue, standing beside me was Steve.  He was grizzled and big and sweaty.  His hands were swollen and cracked.  He stood and kneeled and stood again and sat beside me sharing in the service. A stranger holding a respectful distance and silence.  But at “pass the peace”, when I took him into my arms, he became mine, a friend, a fellow, a journeyman along my way.  “ Peace be with you” I said near his ear.  “ Peace be with you.” He said into my hair, and as I pulled away from him, I looked into his eyes, mine then filled with joy at having felt his heart beat.  I beamed at him, then leaning in to whisper I said, “ It’s the best part, isn’t it? “  And he smiled too. “ It is. “ he said.  And we smiled into each other with shyness and knowing and gratitude.   My heart lifted and filled with singing.

Isn’t it sometimes just unbearable sweetness to feel your love penetrate another and receive that gratitude returned?

Pass the peace.  Do it everywhere you go today.

Let us begin in our small corner.  Hand out a dollar, reach out a hand, deliver a kind word and bit by bit let us make a difference. I dream of a day when we all agree that at a certain hour on a certain day,  all over the world, at once,  we will turn to whom ever is standing beside us and say, “Peace be with you.”


Broadway Opening of Hamilton: Jasmine Cephas Jones

jasmine jones 1
jasmine jones 1

Jasmine Cephas Jones wearing the Ashley to the Broadway Opening Night of Hamilton.

jasmine jones 5
jasmine jones 5
jasmine jones 2
jasmine jones 2
jasmine jones 3
jasmine jones 3
jasmine jones 4
jasmine jones 4
jasmine jones
jasmine jones
jasmine jones 6
jasmine jones 6

Such an American beauty for a beautiful American musical. Congrats Jasmine XO

Sharah's Nuptials

sharah 1
sharah 1

She is stunning, elegant, poised. The perfect bride on the perfect day. She took his breath away.

sharah 2
sharah 2
sharah 3
sharah 3
sharah 4
sharah 4
sharah 5
sharah 5

All my love. Though it looks like you have more than enough between the two of you. Congratulations.

Sharah is wearing Shareen (the "Karine" with capped sleeve and the "Anna"). Her mother is also wearing Shareen (the "Audrey").


unnamed-1 6.55.35 PM
unnamed-1 6.55.35 PM

The bar in Cambridge,

blues and greens

as preppies like

But he was Portuguese

Sexy man

Who taught me about freedom

We shared a love of the truth

His Pulitzer

My business

Our hearts lived

Apart and at a great

And comfortable


And his first kiss on


When he argued

For his limitations

Daring me to love

Him anyway

Nine years later,

three cats

and laughter

I'd dared

And lost

The argument.



Trumps all

And the intense stare

across the theatre

Eyes locked

A slow, understated


I thought was sexy

Only to find

he was just depressed

The black jaguar

The penthouse

And me



Beside sadness

And how I lost

three years there

which weren't as fun

as three years lost

in a trailer park

along side him

in the pick up

Marlboro reds

and flamingoes.

Real, sexy years of tequila

And jerkey, Montana and shooting ranges

He had a glock

Under his pillow

We'd have been ok anywhere

And then there was Yale

And the Olympics

And shells on the Thames

And the river Charles

A green Porsche

and the secret society

His book

My glamorous job

Endless betrayals

his with others


by absentia

And he had a lisp

and was a valet

and loved me like

No other and

I wanted to make him

my Pygmalion

and I could have

If only

We hadn't lost a child

And one I distrusted

hypnotized me

And another

dying to love me

left me dying to be free.

And one I adore

Is out of reach.

Finally, I look

Back to my father

And wonder why,

he hurt me so.

No sympathy requested

No complaint here stated.

As I lay dying

I read the swords

(Like on the tarot card)










And finally,

The last

So what.

I saw him

The other night


in a golden orb

His face shone

With a gentle pride

At me.

"I did it

all because

I loved you

And your

triumph is

My job

well done."

I may be late

To the library,

to the party

To discover


I may be late

to You tube

And behind

In the polls

But I am not

surrendered in pain

I am triumphant with


I am "it"

And "no"is my best


And  "yes" is its great cousin

How might I

Find my man

Until I know

The man in me?

She who asserts

And discerns,

Establishes boundaries

Is on her side

And behalf.

She who fights for her best

And takes no prisoners.

She who knows

Her worth

And protects it

With ferocity

She who would be him

if he were to arrive as me