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3.00 SALE


Saturday, November 23rd Spring Street Store LA THREE DOLLAR SALE PILES Good stuff. And a lot of it. Come one and all Bring your best manners.Friday, November 22 - January 1 Shareen LA and Shareen NYC Store wide rollback of prices to "the good old days." I'm going to make the prices on all vintage in store undeniable. (See letter)Friday, Novemver 22 - December 1

All stores. SHAREEN Collection 20 percent off of all line pieces except bridal. If you have been coveting a dress this is the moment to get it.


It is the beginning of the holidays

and although they are meant to be holy days,

often they feel stressful and over whelming and lonely.

The holidays can also make us feel tired from over doing

and anxious from over spending.

As women we are givers.

We are nurturers.

We volunteer,

And support.

We work and run errands and

do and do and most of

the time we do for others.

The holidays arrive and the to do

list only gets longer.

We find ourselves last on the list or

bumped off it all together

I remember years of financial contraction

when it just felt so frustrating to have to

spend on others when all year I had barely

been able to, spend on myself.

I also hated feeling resentful.

I knew this was not in the spirit of the holidays.

I know you are all out there

working hard and I know how good it

feels to be able to treat yourself at this time.

In the spirit of gratitude for all you

give me in love, support and inspiration,

I am going to celebrate and affirm your abundance

and the bounty by rolling back my vintage prices

from now till the end of the year.

My line (excluding bridal) will also be at a twenty percent

markdown for this entire week (11/22-12/1).

Come play and come celebrate

how very undeniably worthy you are.