Shareen Vintage, one of the largest vintage retailers in Los Angeles is having a storewide vintage clearance. Selling off all stock. Clearance is going on throughout the month of December 2017. There are an abundance of vintage pieces from all eras in pristine condition as well as incredible inspiration pieces. It is a wonderful opportunity for costumers and stylist. 

Shareen is located at 1721 N. Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90012 

Please call (323)276-6226 or email stylistla@shareen.com for any questions or more information.

Pricing goes as follows:
Mini's $15 

Classics $24 

Party $38 

Gowns $42 and $88 

Prom $48 and $88 80's $15 

Western $15 

Lingerie $12 

Petticoats $15

Cotton petticoats $18

Children’s $5

Short design inspiration $24

Long design inspiration $42

80s $15

Scarves $8 

*Discount for bundles*

Dominique Pruitt

We've had the special privilege of welcoming redheaded bombshell, Dominique Pruitt, into our little world.

Dominique Album Cover
Dominique Album Cover

This rising starlet is as infectious as her catchy, 60s style, pop songs, and her personal style qualifies as an equal form of entertainment...Bonus!

Dominique Pruitt Performing
Dominique Pruitt Performing

 Here's a glimpse into the fabulous world of Dominique Pruitt:

Dominique Pruitt
Dominique Pruitt

Follow her on Instagram: tikidominiki

Listen to her music: HERE

What YOU Wore in the 'Dahnce to the Beat' Music Video

"We wanted to write a 'dance' song that didn't take itself seriously and that made you want to dance--so the video had to do the same." -Deborah Stoll on Nylonmag.com

Two of our vibrant and infectious clients, Deborah Stoll and Jamie Jackson, make up two-thirds of the dreamy, 60s inspired band, Hot As Sun. They just released their video for their newest song, "Dahnce to the Beat", on Nylonmag.com.


Deborah and Jamie are in vintage dresses from our downtown location.


Hot As Sun's next show is March 4th at Los Globos --3040 W Sunset Blvd,  Los Angeles, CA 90026.

Their new album, "Night Time Sound Desire", will be released March 26th on Last Gang Records.