Melrose Trading Post: Presenting Shareen Mitchell with the Visionaries Award


Please join me on Sunday October the 8th, at the Melrose Trading Post to celebrate their 20th year of uniting the LA community through amazing service in arts and entrepreneurship.

This will be a great festival including all of the usual colorful vendors, lots of cool entertainment and special events. At the 10 A.M. donor brunch I will be receiving the Visionaries award.

As many of you know, I got my very humble start standing in that parking lot under a tent. So many of you met me there as you ran around finding your fashionable selves in and out of all the booths. I don't think any of us will forget the impact that time in the market had on us and on fashion as a whole. 

Thirteen years ago when we first met, you were coming to me for your prom dresses. Its extraordinary to me that today I am dressing you for your weddings. Just as you carried and directed my growth over these years, I look forward with grateful knowledge that we will have many more years together. 

Wouldn't it be great to meet up on that Sunday, each of you in your favorite Shareen dress, with your friends, your partners and your children. I see a parade of the coolest girls in LA festooned in fanciful head turning Shareen pieces. Please come!! It would be so cool! What a photo op! The generation of fashionistas coming up behind you need to see how its done, because no one has ever done it better than you guys!


Love you all with all my heart,