Kimberly Culotta

Kimberly Culotta photo
Kimberly Culotta photo

Kimberly Culotta is a cinematographer

Where did you study cinematography?

At the American Film Institute (AFI).

What had you done before?

I was a painter.

What do you love most about your work?

I love the sense of collaboration and I love the blending of the creative and the scientific.

Hmm...  Perhaps the scientific is creative.


What is the greatest challenge to your work?


What is your most recent project?

I just shot a feature called Angel's Perch, based on the writer’s experience of his grandmother's decent into Alzhiemers. We shot in the town where she had lived and died.  The film stars Joyce Van Patten and Ashley Jones (Twilight)

Do you believe in a higher power and if so what do you call it.


You believe that your higher power is chaos?

I am a nihilist really.  And I think my higher power is called either chaos, or well, infinity.

If you were to wake up tomorrow and found you had no fear in any area of your life what would be the first action you would take?

I would approach the man I am in love with.  That said, I feel I am living without a lot of fear now.  I have surrendered most of my needs for things and security and have found myself happy.  I am now working on building toward the things I want as opposed to what I think I may need.

If you could forgive yourself for anything, what might it be?

I want to forgive myself for judging my mother harshly.  I see a weaknesses in her that I reject and I know her weakness is mine.  It's ironic that it is really her selflessness that I hate. She gives no thought to herself.